Whether using our liquid DPM or applying our lacquer, rest assured Havwoods Accessories actively complies with the regulations and chemical standards which are currently in place. The flooring contractor working with many chemicals on a daily basis can expect reliable performance from our products while also having the ability to restrict levels of exposure to unsafe toxins.

Making full use of our safety data sheets is important as they give the necessary guidance on handling any of our products.
A level of PPE is required when working with our products and is part of the safety measures required to protect your health. Further information can be found here:

As the construction industry experiences scrutiny of the current regulations, we agree that this is an ever changing sector so we must be adept to change. Whether it’s a new health study, or environmental concerns, the ability to continuously reinvent must rely on learned skills, training and robust and active legislation.
The government hse website is informative and offers guidance:

The need to understand and learn new methods has brought about exceptional health standards – controlling hazardous chemicals and developing a safer working environment. As we are aware, the effects of our actions today will be for the benefit of tomorrow.

Havwoods Accessories has adopted the low VOC emission policy on many of our products in order to contribute towards reducing the long-term impact on indoor air quality. We're moving away from the traditional solvent-based products, working with the latest advances in technology and developing new innovative products providing a healthier place to live and work.