When excess moisture gets inside the walls or flooring of a structure, it can cause staining, deterioration and mould. Damp can also weaken a structure, making it inherently dangerous and lead to irreparable damage. Internal moisture can occur from poor air quality, however, external moisture in the form of rising damp or rain penetration is more common.

To combat this problem from the start, a structure is designed with damp proofing in mind. When it comes to flooring, Havwoods Accessories offer a solution that reduces the chance of moisture getting in by using a DPM (damp proof membrane) called Marldon MXS140. This layer is critical in stopping moisture penetrating the floor, and is used in a whole range of industries such as:

  • Schools & Universities
  • Commercial Offices
  • Residential properties


How it works

The Marldon MXS140 is an epoxy based DPM that is specifically designed to stop excess moisture passing into internal spaces. Since a flooring system is a permanent installation, this DPM layer is vital to stop the floor being damaged by moisture in the future, and to cut down on maintenance costs.

It is perfect for projects that need a rapid turnaround as it cures in half the time of a standard epoxy based DPM. In addition, it only needs a single coat which further reduces the application time. Whilst drying, it also suppresses residual constructional moisture in concrete and sand or cement floors.

The Build-up

To avoid any moisture getting into the floor and weakening the structure, the flooring system must be installed in layers to create a strong build-up that is impervious to environmental damage.

  • Damp Concrete Subfloor
  • MXS140 Damp Proof Membrane – applied using a roller or poured on and trowelled out
  • MXA200 Adhesive – trowelled out using a Marldon notched trowel
  • Timber Floor

If you have any questions regarding damp proof flooring, or any other Havwoods Accessories products or solutions, get in touch with us today.