The Havwoods Accessories Flooring Accessories Handbook is Here!

We’re sure you don’t need us to tell you that it’s been a tricky couple of years for the flooring industry, but we’re delighted to see so many of our customers have managed to ride the storm and come back stronger than ever!


We’re proud to say that we’ve taken this time to grow our service offering - making working with us even easier and more effective for you.


To make sure you have all of the resources you need to make ordering simple, we’ve been working hard on the latest edition of our Havwoods Accessories handbook which is now available as a digital and physical copy. 


You will notice a slight difference with the latest edition of our handbook – we’ve not included any prices. Due to the current volatility, we didn’t want to make things difficult for you by sending out a handbook that will soon be out of date.


This way, you’re able to have our full product range at your fingertips and access to our website, digital price list and our sales team to confirm the latest prices for you.


This isn’t permanent. Once everything settles down again (hopefully sooner rather than later), we will produce a new handbook which includes all of our pricing.


To request a physical copy or check out our digital version, CLICK HERE