Havwoods Accessories Unveils Dedicated Technical Team

High-quality, reliable and speedy customer service is a top priority here at Havwoods Accessories. With this in mind, we’re excited to announce that for the first time we have a dedicated technical team on hand ready to answer questions and provide practical training and demonstrations, as well as a number of other important functions.

The team is comprised of Karl Whiley and Rick Waddington, both of whom have worked at Havwoods Accessories for a number of years and boast a large pool of knowledge and skill between the two of them. Karl and Rick are time served, each having spent time on the tools where they demonstrated incredible technical capability, as well as fantastic interpersonal and customer service skills.

Meet Karl - part of the Havwoods Accessories new Technical Team duo.

The pair are mobile and available for site visits and to provide specialised training wherever is convenient. Many customers have found their demonstrations and training sessions incredibly rewarding and a great way to ensure that their teams to gain skills and receive training on the latest products and technologies.

Meet Rick - the other half of the Havwoods Accessories new Technical Team duo.