Bona Mega Matt Lacquer

Bona Mega Matt Lacquer is a single part, water-based polyurethane lacquer ideal for use in medium traffic areas such as schools, small shops, offices and homes,
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Ideal for use on hardwood flooring, Bona Mega Matt Lacquer 5 ltrs is an innovative single part, water-based polyurethane lacquer with all of the performance of a two-part lacquer.

A clear lacquer that achieves a highly durable finish with subtle rich tones, Bona Mega Matt is ideal for domestic use and on wooden flooring and interior joinery in medium traffic areas such as schools, small shops and offices.

Offering a superior protection against spills and scuffs, the Bona Mega Matt Lacquer 5ltrs is a versatile wood floor lacquer that is ideal for wooden plank flooring and wooden floors with underfloor heating.

With no mixing required, Bona Mega can be used straight from the bottle, making the application process much simpler than with a two-part lacquer.


Highlights of Bona Mega Matt Lacquer:

  • Available in Gloss, Silkmatt, Matt, Extra Matt.
  • One component crosslinking technology.
  • Just 2 - 3 hours dry time.
  • Excellent flow and levelling.
  • The finish has a very low gloss level which makes it look almost invisible and resemble natural wood.
  • Proven track record, still unique after 28 million litres and 136 million m2 covered.
  • Partly made of renewable resource.
  • EC1 classification.
  • NMP-free.


Technical Data: Bona Mega

For offices, small shops, hotel rooms and as a premium choice for homes. Innovative, waterborne, 1-component formula, that reacts with oxygen and performs like a 2-component. No mixing required, use straight from the bottle. Also very good for plank floors and for floors with underfloor heating.

Bona Mega produces a subtle rich tone which is more noticeable on light wood species and on floors treated with a light stain or whitening primers. Overcoating Bona White primer with Bona Mega is not recommended if you are looking to achieve a true white look.

• 1K simplicity with 2K performance

• No side-bonding, ideal for underfloor heating, plank floors etc

• Dispersion mainly consisting of plant-based oil

• Excellent resistance to scuff marks and common chemicals

• GreenGuard approved for low indoor emissions

Preparation: Prior to application the surface must be pre-treated with a waterborne primer from Bona. Ensure floor is acclimatized to its end-use environment, well sanded, dry and free from sanding dust, oil, wax and other contamination. Allow lacquer to reach room temperature, insert filter and shake the container thoroughly before use. Optimal application conditions are between 18-25 °C and 30-60% relative air humidity. High temperatures and low humidity shorten, low temperatures and high humidity lengthen drying time. Minimum temperature for use is 13°C.


For more technical information about Bona Mega click here.

  • Bona
  • 8-10sq m / ltr
  • Matt
  • Matt 25%
Recoat Time
  • 2.5 - 3 hours
  • 5ltr
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