Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To exceed the expectations of those we serve by providing support, speed, service and solutions.

Our Vision

We aim to be at the forefront of this specialist sector, operating an ever evolving organisation which provides great opportunities for both current and future generations.
We will use our innovation to broaden our branded product base far ahead of the competition, building on our experience and trusted rapid response service network.

Our Values

We believe in Integrity - It is, and always will be, paramount

  • We do and mean what we say
  • Honesty is the only policy
  • We follow through on all our commitments
  • We always do the right thing at all times, no matter how difficult it is

We believe in Continuous Improvement - in a culture of progress

  • There is a better way of doing everything; it is our goal to find it
  • We adapt, change and reach out for the future

We believe in Service - rapid deliveries give efficiency and added value

  • We deliver on time, every time; where you want it, when you want it
  • Honest, upright, on-time, quality service is more important than price
  • If things go wrong, we put them right quickly, with minimum fuss, irrespective of cost or difficulty

We believe in Courtesy - in polite exemplary conduct at all times

  • We treat all our customers as we ourselves like to be treated
  • We are polite, friendly, and supportive of our customers, and are committed to understanding our customers’ needs
  • We treat every customer equally no matter how big or small their business is

We believe in Excellence - the quality of being exceptional.

  • We are flexible and willing to ‘go the extra mile’
  • We exceed the expectations of people we come in contact with
  • We do not compromise on the quality of our products or services

We believe in Responsibility - we carry the can

  • We are accountable to ourselves and each other for our behaviour
  • We are responsible to, and enjoy helping others, our customers and our staff wherever we can

We believe in Expertise - to support others by sharing our skills

  • Knowledge of our industry is critical
  • We share our expertise and experience through support, back-up, and training