Orion 950

Orion 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meter with Internal EMC Calculator and Temperature RH Sensor Kit
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The Orion® 950 intelligent moisture meter represents the pinnacle achievement in the Orion® line. It effortlessly captures and stores ambient temperature and relative humidity readings from any room with its built-in sensor. The Orion® 950 can also determine if a wood specimen has reached its equilibrium with the environment, signalling the critical threshold where it ceases to gain or lose moisture.

Using Bluetooth® technology, the Orion® 950 meter transmits data to both Woodshop MCTM and FloorSmartTM, free mobile apps compatible with Android or Apple smart devices.

Non-Damaging Sensor:

Every Orion® meter features pinless technology, a non-damaging method for swift and accurate measurement of wood moisture content. This technology eliminates the cost of broken pins and minimizes the impact of extreme temperatures on readings.

Dual Depth:

The Orion® 930, 940, and 950 dual-depth pinless moisture meters offer shallow 1⁄4" (6mm) and deeper " (19mm) reading depth modes. In 1⁄4" (6mm) mode, the meter reads moisture content from the surface level down to .25" (6mm). In " (19mm) mode, the meter's IntelliSenseTM technology activates, disregarding surface moisture and reading moisture content deeper in the wood specimen from .75" (19mm) up to 1.5" (38mm).

Lifetime Accuracy:

Every Orion® pinless meter includes a calibration reference and an instant recalibration feature, ensuring sustained accuracy. In seconds, you can confirm that the meter maintains its precision, just as on the day it was made. Simply place the meter on the calibration reference, set it to calibrate, and enjoy superior accuracy throughout its lifespan.

Seven-Year Warranty:

Supported by quality craftsmanship and dedicated customer service, Wagner Meters provides a standard seven-year warranty on our Orion® series of handheld moisture meters.


Wagner's complete line of wood moisture meter products is designed, assembled, and supported in the United States of America. With over 50 years of expertise in moisture measurement technology, our meters guarantee accuracy, speed, and reliability, meeting your needs on the job site.

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