4 Reasons You Should Consider Using Bona Traffic HD Raw

When it comes to maintaining the timeless appeal of wooden floors, look no further than Bona Traffic HD Raw – a true standout in the industry. We’ve put together four reasons why Bona Traffic HD Raw deserves your attention.


Bona Traffic HD Raw delivers an ultra-matt finish that captures the authentic beauty of untreated wood from every angle. Bid farewell to the irregularities of glossy finishes and embrace a finish that accentuates a natural, raw wood impression instead.


When it comes to handling high-traffic commercial spaces and sports halls, Bona Traffic HD Raw means business and it also forms an integral part of our diverse product lineup tailored to meet various needs.

  • Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip: Taking slip resistance to new heights, Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip is the go-to solution for stairs, nurseries, and kitchens. Its high friction rating surpasses the highest slip resistance standards, ensuring safety in spaces prone to wet spills.
  • Bona Traffic Go: The pioneer of a new generation of curing technology, this lacquer combines the heavy-wear durability of a 2k lacquer with the simplicity of a 1k lacquer, thanks to its built-in hardener.
  • Bona Mega One: Achieves a highly durable finish with subtle rich tones, making it perfect for medium-traffic areas such as schools, small shops, offices, and homes.


In a world where every second counts, Bona Traffic HD Raw gives back. With a quick curing time, floors can be back in action in just 12 hours after its initial application! Making it ideal for places with minimal downtime tolerance.


These words might get thrown around a lot, but backed by GreenGuard Gold certification, Bona Traffic HD Raw has low indoor emissions, low VOC, and a virtually odourless application, ensuring a healthy indoor environment - making it the perfect selection for schools, nurseries, and high-traffic spaces.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a floor finish that seamlessly blends beauty, durability, and environmental consciousness, Bona Traffic HD Raw is your go-to solution.

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