Celebrating 100 Years of Bona

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This year Bona has been celebrating 100 years of providing top quality and innovative flooring products to the industry. From their incorporation in 1919 where they began selling Bonvax as a wood floor polish, Bona has expanded its range to include everything from adhesives to fillers and lacquers to cleaning products, providing all the things you need for your wood floor installation, finish and maintenance. 

We’re proud to have supported Bona for many years as the longest standing UK distributor. From seeing the potential the Bona products had over 30 years ago, we’ve taken great pride in watching and helping the brand grow over the years. 

Have you ever used the Bona range? Here are just a few of their fantastic products and potential uses. 

Bona Mega 

Bona Mega is a single component lacquer with performance properties to match a 2-component equivalent, making it highly resistant to spills and scuffs. It’s perfect for use in areas with medium foot traffic, such as offices, small shops and hotel rooms.


The key benefits of Bona Mega - High wear resistance, Excellent flow and levelling and 1k simplicity with the benefits of 2k performance.


Bona Traffic HD

Bona Traffic HD is an ultra-durable lacquer with super-fast drying time. It hardens just 12-hours after being applied, so floors can be used again pretty much straight away. These properties make Bona Traffic HD perfect for use in public areas such as shopping centres.


The key benefits of Bona Traffic HD - Rapid hardening time, high durability in high traffic areas and ECR1PLUS approved.

Bona Prime Classic

Bona Prime Classic is a non-yellowing waterborne primer designed for use on wood floors. This primer produces a light wood colouration and is particularly suitable for wooden floors with greater movement than normal, such as end-grain floors, softwood plank floors and hardwood floors with underfloor heating. 


The key benefits of Bona Classic - High solids content for a well-bodied surface, compatible with all of Bona's waterborne topcoats, approved by DIBt.


Bona Spray Mop Kit

Achieving the perfect finish is one thing, but keeping your floor in tip-top condition is another. Luckily, the Bona Spray Mop kit makes floor maintenance quick and easy. It comes with its own specially designed cartridge filler and is simple to use and refill.


The key benefits of the Bona Spray Mop Kit - easy, streak-free cleaning, specifically developed for wooden floors, rotating head for ultimate reach in difficult areas.

Bona Silverback Edger

The Bona Silverback Edger is a professional edge sander which has been designed with performance and usability in mind. Its features include a lamp for improved visibility as well as a shorter sanding arm which makes manoeuvring this powerful machine very easy.


The key benefits of the Bona Silverback Edger - effective dust pick up, easy to control and ability to sue with holed or velcro-backed discs.


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