Team Up for Eton College Sports Hall Renovation

Eton College stands as a symbol of academic excellence and tradition in the UK, boasting a prestigious history that dates to the 1500s. It’s renowned for its notable figures, including 20 out of 55 prime ministers and fostering sporting excellence among its alumni, Eton College upholds a commitment to excellence in all aspects of education and its facilities.

When Eton College embarked on renovating its sports hall, it sought to create a space reflecting its commitment to quality, performance, and sustainability. With heavy usage anticipated by students and community groups participating in various sporting activities, the college aimed to install a durable, high-performing flooring solution that met safety standards while minimising environmental impact.

Eton College collaborated with Reflex Sports and WOCA to realise their vision for the sports hall renovation. Reflex Sports, an independent sports floor specialist, supplied and installed 780m2 of Multisport timber flooring to create a visually appealing and functional surface for the sports hall.

When it came to choosing the finishing product for the newly installed sports floor, the choice was an obvious one. WOCA is recognised as one of Europe’s foremost lacquer manufacturers and plays a pivotal role in ensuring the flooring's longevity, safety, and environmental sustainability.

With some of their lacquer products fully compliant with the EN14904 sports standard, WOCA provided a durable and high-performing solution with their Master TS-2K lacquer that met the requirements for the sports facilities at Eton, this compliance guarantees safety for athletes and users, offering slip resistance, shock absorption, and ball rebound capabilities essential for sporting activities.

The sports hall is now perfect for all athletic endeavours and accommodates the diverse needs of the students and community groups that attend.

With WOCA's Master TS-2K lacquer providing a protective layer against heavy foot traffic, the flooring will maintain its pristine condition over time, minimising maintenance requirements and ensuring long-term cost-effectiveness.

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