Bona Traffic HD Raw vs Bona Traffic Natural

Bona’s range of flooring accessories has been on the market for over 100 years with continuous development at the heart of their success, and they’re not slowing down just yet.

With the trend of natural looking wooden floors growing rapidly throughout Europe, Bona recognised the need for a new and improved lacquer that would surpass anything currently on the market to achieve this desired finish.

The result – Bona Traffic HD Raw!

So, the question we’ve been asked most is, ‘why is Bona Traffic HD Raw any better than Bona Traffic Natural’ and we’re here to answer it for you.

Sheen Level

Bona Traffic Natural has a very low sheen of 6-8% whereas Bona Traffic HD Raw is even lower sheen of just 4%. This allows it to achieve an even more matt finish and gives more of an appearance of bare wood.

As we know, the sheen on a wooden floor looks different depending on the angle you’re viewing it from, for example, a floor may appear glossier from a lower angle but matt when viewed from above.

Bona Traffic HD raw eliminates this inconsistency – the floor will appear absolutely natural and untreated no matter what angle it is viewed from.


Bona Traffic HD Raw is made from the more advanced HD formula created specifically for the other members of the Traffic HD family, whereas Traffic Natural is based on the original Traffic product. This ensures a superior base to the product but with the same coverage and drying times, making it just as easy to apply but with enhanced protection. 

Other benefits 


  • Bona Traffic HD Raw reaches a harder state in a shorter period of time than Traffic Natural allowing you to get on with the job quicker. 
  • Traffic HD Raw contains 40% less solvent and is approximately 40% more wear resistant.
  • ​​​​​​​EC1 Plus and GREENGUARD Gold certified for indoor air quality

If you’re looking to achieve an ultra-matt finish with a high level of protection, Bona Traffic HD Raw is the perfect product for you. 

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