Havwoods Accessories Excels at Damac Tower

In May 2019, we agreed to supply 1700 tubs of our unbeatable Marldon wood floor adhesive to a leading flooring contractor for a long-term project. This high strength, flexible adhesive was used to bond 80,000m2 of hardwood flooring at Damac Tower, London. The project began in 2017, and we first received communication from our customer in May 2019 to discuss how our product would improve the installation of flooring throughout the building. 

With 50 storeys and 360 new homes on offer, this was a fantastic project for the Havwoods Accessories team to be involved with.

Our Marldon adhesive is a contract wood floor adhesive guaranteed to provide our clients with fantastic results. This high strength single-part hybrid adhesive includes tension-reducing  flexibility, perfect for fully bonding engineered wood flooring. With its impressive ability to work with most substrates – including sand and cement, concrete and Anhydrite-based screeds, stone and timber – it was a practical decision for the contractor to use our product when it came to installing stunning and durable flooring throughout the Damac Tower.

Marldon MXA300

So far, all engineered wood flooring within the building has been installed using Havwoods Accessories’ adhesive to fasten it to the sub-floor. To ensure our product gave the best possible results, we advised on best application methods including the ideal trowel to use for optimum coverage and adhesion. 

As well as accommodating the specific needs of our customer from the very start of the Damac Tower, Nine Elms project, we were able to understand the overall vision of the  building. The Nine Elms Riverside district is undergoing one of the greatest regeneration projects seen in London. 

This plot on the South Bank boasts incredible parks and  public footpaths, a range of stylish restaurants and new,  modern bars. With Covent Garden, Battersea Park and  Heathrow Airport on its doorstep, this immense tower has put itself in the running to become London’s newest social hub.

The building itself offers one, two and three-bedroom  apartments, a 23rd-floor swimming pool and a gymnasium with picturesque views of London’s South Bank skyline.  Additionally, the building features rooftop ‘winter gardens’, adorned in spectacular foliage and seating areas, allowing residents to enjoy panoramic views of the city from their own home.

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the tower’s interior has been crafted in collaboration with Versace Home, establishing their apartments as the epitome of elegance and style. The building’s contemporary glass architecture blends perfectly with Versace’s Italian glamour, curating a truly premium and luxury feel. 

This is the first time Versace Home has collaborated with a residential property in London, making their vision fresh and innovative but also critically important to pull off. With a heavy significance on design, our team at Havwoods Accessories had to ensure attention to detail and exceptional quality was  implemented throughout the project. 

The use of Marldon wood floor adhesive on the project is planned to be complete by the end of March 2021, bringing a 22-month project to an end. We go above and beyond for every client we work with, but with an extremely tight  schedule and high attention to detail, we believe the Havwoods Accessories team members have excelled  themselves with this project. 

Responding to purchase orders as quickly as possible ensured smooth sailing throughout the process. With a project of this scale, many contractors and developers were reliant on us  doing our part, not only within the time scale, but to an  extremely high standard. An important factor included  transporting the goods to the site within tight delivery slots where we could have been refused entry had we failed. Again, this required impeccable timekeeping and an attentive  attitude towards the other companies we were working with.

Because only 1-2 pallets of stock could be accommodated on site at any given time, we worked efficiently with the contractor to ensure delivery was satisfactory. Due to limited storage, the contractor called off its orders only when it needed them so, with careful planning and effective organisation, we were able to dispatch our product either the same or next day. 

With delivery slots being a requirement on site, we offered a bespoke ‘Just in Time’ service, scheduling each shipment to arrive on time with limited notice. As a result, this took pressure off the contractors we were working with; they felt safe in the knowledge that the products would be there, on site, ready to be used.

Working on a large-scale project like this, with rigorous schedules and multiple contractors  involved, has once again proven that our team at Havwoods Accessories is reliable, committed, and keen to make any process as smooth as possible. Valuable feedback from the contractor  confirmed that the product was fantastic to use, worked effectively and was practical for such a large project, reflecting the care we put into what we do. The long pot life of our product, which remains consistent in varying temperatures and becomes particularly pliable in lower  temperatures, ensures efficiency in application all year round. This eliminates the chances of the product going off, meaning adhesive can be used from the same bucket time and time again. Our customer stated they were so impressed with our efforts that they are now considering us for future endeavours. 

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