We're Delighted to Have Been Awarded Both a FSC & a PEFC Accreditation!

Havwoods Accessories have been awarded FSC and PEFC accreditations

As a company specialising in the distribution of wood flooring accessories, we recognise the importance of supplying a full range of sustainable products and take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. As part of our commitment, we have always aimed to work with suppliers that value environmental sustainability across their product range. To demonstrate this, we recently invested in the thorough and rigorous audit process that led to us achieving our PEFC and FSC accreditation.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our positive impact on the environment and being recognised by the FSC and PEFC is evidence of our commitment. I’m delighted to be able to say that we are now accredited by both bodies and as a company, we will continue to make improvements in the future” Gavin Whiley, Managing Director.

So, what are the FSC and PEFC and what do these accreditations mean for us and our customers?

What is FSC?

The FSC, or Forest Stewardship Council, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting forests, and the wildlife that lives there, all around the world by setting strict standards and criteria for forest owners to follow. This certification allows us to identify which wood has been sourced from well-managed forests using sustainable methods with little or no impact to the surrounding wildlife and indigenous communities.

The FSC boasts numerous global environmental groups as members such as WWF and Greenpeace as well as respected social organisations, businesses, forest owners and managers and individuals.

What is PEFC?

As the world’s leading forest certification organisation, Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, PEFC, is dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management and encouraging best practice amongst small forest owners and the entire forest supply chain.

An international non-profit, non-governmental organisation, the PEFC is the certification system of choice for most forest owners. With strict criteria that is regularly revised and improved, the accreditation is an ideal benchmark for the highest levels of sustainability.

How did we qualify?

Here at Havwoods Accessories, we have been working towards these accreditations for a number of months. We have implemented many company wide policies and structures in order to be able to qualify for application of both certificates.

For our PEFC accreditation, we have undergone a rigorous auditing process based on a 31 page document of the PEFC standards, taking 2 days to carry out and 6 weeks to approve, requiring strict adherence to the guidelines of PEFC. The FSC accreditation process is a 5 step procedure including an intense audit from the accrediting body and annual reviews to ensure compliance with forestry standards.

Why use FSC/PEFC accredited products?

At Havwoods Accessories, we have made a commitment to stocking our wood products including, battens, tools with wooden handles, nosings and pipe ferrules from suppliers who also carry the FSC accreditation and can prove their products are sustainably sourced. For us to know this, we must carry out a mini version of the 22 document audit we have undergone when taking on any new wood products from our suppliers. This means our customers can purchase wooden products from us with access to a full chain of custody, safe in the knowledge that they are not costing the earth.

With environmental requirements forming an increasingly vital part of project briefs, it’s important to ensure you’re able to deliver the very best service to your customers, using the very best products - both for quality and their low environmental impact.

The FSC accreditation guarantees that all trees used to create these products are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally so you can be sure you’re doing your bit for the environment.

What does this mean for you?

Knowing that, as a company, we hold both FSC and PEFC accreditations gives you peace of mind that not only are you working with a quality company, but you’re working with a company that values sustainability.

The growing awareness and demand for sustainably sourced products has dictated the direction of the market within wood products. These accreditations provide an independent and verified assurance that the wood products we stock have originated from sustainably managed forests. We believe in responsibility and strive to provide the necessary level of service and range of products to enable our customers to share this commitment in meeting ever-evolving demands of their customers in the movement towards sustainable living.

If you would like to know more about our commitment to the environment or which products in our range fall under these accreditations, contact a member of our team today on 01772 696600 or email info@havwoodsaccessories.com.