Havwoods Accessories Welcomes Portamix to the Family

Portamix Pelican and Hippo arrive at Havwoods Accessories

Havwoods Accessories is proud to announce that we are now an official supplier of the complete Portamix range. Portamix is one of the leading manufacturers of material mixing systems, so it only seems right that they’re supplied by the UK’s number one flooring accessories supplier!



Portamix is a family-owned business operating out of Masterton, New Zealand. Credited with developing the world’s first mobile mixing station during the late 90’s, the company has since grown into a leading name in the flooring market. Their dedication to quality products and constant innovation is something that aligns them to our own values here at Havwoods Accessories.

Of course, it’s only right that when we add a new product range into the mix that we take a moment to introduce the products themselves and explain how each can benefit our customers, so without further ado...



Did you ever hear the one about the Hippo and the Pelican? The Portamix range consists of three core products; the Mega Hippo, the Pelican and the Pelican DC. Let’s take a look at each in more detail:


 The NEW Portamix Hippo is now available at Havwoods

As the name would suggest, this particular beast is able to handle large quantities of smoothing compound in one go. To be more precise, The Mega Hippo can mix a massive 6 x 20kg bags at one time. This means a considerable time-saving in terms of man-hours, and as we all know, time is money!

It’s not just time you can save either, it’s also effortless to use. The Mega Hippo can easily be operated by a single person and poured directly onto the floor, into buckets or simply using the Pelican transport carts. Still not impressed? Well, maybe you need to upgrade to the heavy-duty version...

The Mega Hippo offers a number of unique features, including:

  • Mixes, delivers and spreads material quickly and with excellent control
  • Handles a wide range of construction compounds
  • Reduces time, effort and labour costs
  • Easy to operate with just one person
  • Dust extraction port to allow vacuum connection to reduce dust hazard while mixing
  • Easy to clean out due to the unique, removable canister liner 


 The NEW Portamix Pelican is now available at Havwoods

Sky’s the limit with The Pelican, an ergonomically designed transport cart designed to work perfectly in tandem with the Mega Hippo to move full loads from the mixing station to the work area. This innovative system frees up the Mega Hippo for the next mix, meaning it can save even more man-hours and money.  

Designed to be incredibly well balanced and hold a full mix from The Mega Hippo, The Pelican can be manoeuvred and poured by a single person with ease and precision. 

The Pelican offers the following features:

  • Large handle and defined scout for easy and accurate pouring
  • Easy clean canister with no rim or edges
  • ‘Splatter Guards’ on the castors to ensure bearings remain clean
  • Compact design for use through standard doorways
  • Holds a full Mega Hippo mix.
  • Can be upgraded to the NEW Pelican DC



The Pelican DC is the newest addition to the Portamix family and is an evolution of The Pelican. Transform the ultimate transport cart into the ultimate mini mixer so that you can mix it, move it and pour it, all using one handy machine. Comes with all the benefits of The Pelican, but also the ability to mix 3 x 20kg bags with a mounted hand mixer. 

The Pelican DC also features a number of unique features, including:

  • Full dust control lid to help protect you and your lungs, as well as reducing mess
  • Vacuum port for dust extraction
  • Resilient canister liner, so easy to remove, to lower maintenance costs and make it ideal for epoxies and other difficult to clean materials
  • The motor and mount is easily removed to place onto the second Pelican, allowing improved output without additional costs
  • Supplied with the new Portamix Jetstream Paddle



The Portamix range of products has been specifically designed to solve common problems faced by those in the flooring industry. Without Portamix, you would have to mix 1 or 2 bags into a bucket or a small mixing station and then carry them from one place to another. However, with Portamix, you can mix up to 6 bags, easily transport it and ensure an even pour, all in one go - you can imagine the amount of time this will save!

The product range has a number of unique features, including: 

  • A removable liner that simplifies cleaning and improves maintenance and lifecycle whilst preventing contamination 
  • Choose from 3 motor options to ensure you only have to pay for the power you require
  • A removable hinged lid that facilitates dust extraction
  • Integrated safety features 
  • A bespoke helix that’s designed and manufactured by Portamix

Not only that, but each product is manufactured specifically with the end-user in mind. Their innovative design means they are:

  • Easy to use - ergonomically designed to simplify mixing
  • Effortless - mix and manoeuvre with minimal effort
  • Quick - perfect for saving man-hours on jobs
  • Thorough - particularly important when mixing screed

And, just in case you were wondering what the tangible benefits of this are… 

  • Perfectly mix up to 80L of any self-levelling material.
  • Reduce labour costs by 33%.
  • Increase productivity by 40%.
  • Protect your health – let the mixer do the mixing, and you do the managing.

Portamix Global’s range of innovative mixing machines and accessories are now available at Havwoods Accessories and are a must-have for all flooring contractors.

If you would like to find out more about the Portamix range, you can contact our team on 01772 696600, alternatively, you can click here to find out more!