BEPo UFS 115 Multipurpose Cutting Tool - 110V

Bepo UFS 115 Multi Purpose Cutting Tool 110V


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BEPO UFS 115 Multi Purpose Cutting Tool 110V

Arguably the finest Door/Skirting Trimmer in the world.

We have been proud to be the official UK Importer for the last 20 years and deal directly with the founding family.

These tools are handmade and lovingly crafted pieces of kit.

If you want a tool that will last this is for you .

All machines come in a fantastic Plywood custom case.

Technical data:
Cutting depth: 0 - 28 mm, infinitely adjustable
Diameter tool: 115 mm
Motor Power: 750 watts
Weight: 2.5 kg
Diameter suction nozzle: 27 mm
Motor rotatable: in 2 directions by +-90° (180° total)
Adjustment joint width with adjustment hood: infinitely adjustable from approx. 4.5 - 28 mm incl. cutting joint


  • Bepo UFS 115 Machine
  • Nail Proof Saw Blade
  • Hex Blade Change key
  • Plywood Custom Case


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