Portamix Mega Hippo Gen 2 Heavy Duty

The Portamix Mega Hippo Gen-2 Heavy Duty has all the great features of the Mega Hippo and more! With a raised upper handle, increased balance and a 2500W mixer the Gen-2 gives increased power and greater control when maneuvering and pouring.
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The Portamix Mega Hippo Gen-2 Heavy Duty takes everything great about the Mega Hippo and elevates it to new heights! Featuring a raised upper handle, enhanced balance, and a robust 2500W mixer, the Gen-2 delivers increased power and superior control during maneuvering and pouring.

Designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency on-site, this upgraded model is poised to revolutionize productivity. Its handles sit 200mm higher than the standard PMH Mega Hippo during pouring, providing added convenience and comfort.

Key Features:

  • Mixes, delivers, and spreads material swiftly with exceptional control
  • Accommodates a wide range of self-leveling compounds
  • Simple operation by a single person
  • Reduces time, effort, and labor costs
  • Ensures thorough mixing, blending, and placement without mess
  • Equipped with a dust extraction port for connecting a vacuum to minimize dust hazards during mixing
  • Easy to clean out after use
  • Various wheel kit options available: F Series Interior, X Series Exterior, PM705
  • Canister liner also available separately


  • Bowl capacity: 6 x 20kg mix plus water (85 litres/160kg)
  • Mixing paddle: TW225D large dual helix
  • Motor: 2500W 2-speed, RCD protected
  • Tilting cradle: Balanced for effortless operation
  • Weight: 49kg
  • Design: NZ Patent No. 512632, All IP rights reserved, New Design Patent Pending
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