When planning the layout and design of a new property, there needs to be a certain consideration for specialist features, that fulfil the requirements of what the property is going to be used for. Careful thought needs to go into the flooring especially, as it needs to be long lasting and require minimal maintenance to be effective.

One specialist requirement we deal with at Havwoods Accessories is the need for Sprung Flooring. The floor in this situation needs to take a lot of punishment from many users running and jumping over a long period, and still retain the ‘sprung’ element without too much maintenance. We have created a layered structure of sprung flooring that will help achieve this in the following environments:

• Professional Gyms
• Dance Studios
• Schools
• Universities

How it works
The diagram shows a cross section of levels to display how Strata Cradles apply in flooring. With the top layer displaying the Timber Floor. The second layer displaying the Batten. The 3rd layer displaying the batten. The 4th layer demonstrates the Perimeter Flanking Strip and the 5th layer displaying the Acoustic Cradle.
There are several ways to achieve the spring in the floor, that have been adopted by Havwoods and utilised in our sprung flooring solutions. Essentially, these techniques assist users who will be making a high impact on it, such as jumping and running, giving them a cushioned landing. The design makes it ideal for a setting where extensive physical activity will be performed every day.

Traditionally, sprung flooring consisted of a weave of softwood timber battens that lie hidden under the top layer of floor, and provide a slight bend when users would jump up and down. Nowadays, more materials are used to complement this construction such as foam, rubber and plastic.

Different Materials Used:

Based on our New Era range of sprung flooring, we have a solution that is adaptable for many surfaces and environments:
• The top layer is a timber sports floor designed to withstand a lot of impact
• Next is a softwood batten that runs the length of the floor
• After that, there is a plastic packer that the batten rests on
• Around the edge is a Perimeter Flanking Strip
• A plastic sports cradle holds the batten in place
• A foam pad cushions the flooring, adhering to BSEN14904 Type A4 standards
• Lastly, a layer of subfloor supports the structure

Alternatively, we also supply a range of foam backed battens that have the added benefit of sound reduction. Kiln dried and pressure treated, Kingley Greenbats Battens are an ideal product to achieve a sprung flooring effect. Lastly, we also provide a foam underlay that can help achieve or enhance a sprung floor. The Junckers Profoam comes in 10mm thickness and in a size of 75m² so it can be cut to fit most large rooms.

If you have any questions regarding sprung timber flooring, or any other Havwoods Accessories products or solutions, get in touch with us today.